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Demand For Chinese goods Soars


The year 2020 was supposed to be when the U.S. reduced trade with China, but imports are surging as the year draws to a close, fueled by stay-at-home shoppers who are snapping up Chinese-made products.
The surge is a byproduct of the pandemic, which has Americans channeling money otherwise used for vacations and entertainment into household items and toys. 
Demand is so strong that the cargo industry has been overwhelmed, with ports snarled and holiday deliveries delayed. 
“You’re trying to stuff 10 pounds of potatoes in a five-pound bag,” said the director of the Port of Los Angeles, which has seen more traffic in recent months than in its 114-year history.
Despite Trump administration restrictions on Chinese goods, including tariffs on its imports, there is little sign that global supply chains are returning to the U.S.
 In November, China reported a record trade surplus of $75.43 billion, propelled by an unexpected 21.1 percent surge in exports compared with the same month last year.
 Leading the jump were exports to the United States, which climbed 46.1 percent to $51.98 billion, also a record.

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