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Deputy CM Ajit Pawar makes BIG statement over COVID-19 third wave



Amid the looming scare of the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said on Friday that if COVID-19 protocols are not followed by the people diligently then everything will again be shut down in the event of a third wave of the pandemic.

Deputy CM Pawar expressed concern about people becoming lax and said, “Unfortunately, in rural areas, some people are becoming lax. They are not scared of coronavirus. They don’t use masks, don’t follow physical distancing, and they have assumed that everything (COVID-19 pandemic) is over. This has led to a rise in infections.” 

According to a report on, Deputy CM Pawar gave strict instructions regarding COVID-19 guidelines and used Kerala and Maharashtra as prime examples, saying that the two states have been reporting the maximum number of cases. 

Appealing to citizens, the Deputy CM said, “All this should stop somewhere. People should not put the state government and administrations in a position where they have to close everything if the third wave hits.” 

Speaking further about the reopening of schools, Pawar said, “There are two opinions. Some say schools should open after Diwali, while others say they should be reopened in places where the COVID-19 positivity rate is zero. The chief minister, however, will make the decision.”

With the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner, Deputy CM Pawar said that citizens should avoid celebrating the festival on a grand scale.

“Since all big mandals (organisers) have decided to celebrate the festival in a simple manner and as there will be no decorations, there is no scope for crowding. However, we will monitor the situation from day one, and if we find that gatherings are taking place, stricter measures will be taken from the second day,” he said.

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