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Dr. Adarsh Tripathi Is Here To Fix The Hair Transplant That Went Wrong!



Unpredictability is the child of chaos and chaos is the soul of the universe. The good things in life are often followed by the bad, and vica versa, but what doesn’t and shouldn’t change is the fact that we keep trying; hoping; achieving.

Hair transplants might be the beacon of hope for your fight against hair loss; the sense of relief from the fear of baldness; the dream of facing society with confidence, but alas, it’s not as simple as it seems.

Even though the success rate of hair transplants is very high, for the same reason that perfection isn’t humanly possible, hair transplants, like any other procedure, can go wrong if not performed by a skilled hair transplant surgeon from a reputable hair transplant clinic like Dr. Adarsh Tripathi from Sarayu Clinics, Delhi.

Obviously, the damage done by gone-wrong hair transplants is beyond the physical, transitioning into psychological and mental trauma. Not only is it a waste of time and money, but also scars the trust and understanding between the patient and the surgeon.

So, can a hair transplant be done twice? Or can a bad hair transplant be fixed?

Despite being a complication-free procedure, faults in surgery and technique can lead to problems like poor growth, scarring, infection, bleeding and skin damage. The severity of these problems considerably lessens the probability of correcting a bad hair transplant.

Dr. Adarsh Tripathi, the young and ambitious founder of Sarayu Clinics, Delhi, strives to make sure that mistakes aren’t repeated and second chances are always an option. Being the only Indian to ever perform a 4k UHD transplant, it’s not surprising that his expertise lies in treating Grade 4 to Grade 7 baldness with the 4th generation Scarless FUT technique. His authenticity is evident from his international popularity, inviting clients from abroad to witness his expertise. He adopts any and every corrective procedure to make sure that the second hair transplant will be your last one.

As for the aforementioned question, he says, “ I come across a lot of patients, victims of bad and improperly done hair transplants. Since precaution is better than cure, it’s no rocket science that you need to choose your first surgery or clinic properly with tons of research and surety, rather than waste your money, time and body on another hair transplant. Even if you make a mistake, that’s alright. That’s what I am here for. I can say with confidence that no matter how bad your first treatment has gone, it can be reversed. What I can also say with confidence is that your body is not something to gamble on. Taking schemes and deals for monetary advantages is not the way to deal with hair transplants.” You can have a look at Dr. Adarsh’s expertise and authenticity on his Instagram ID –

The essence of correcting bad hair transplants lies in concealing grafts from it to give your hair a new and furnished look. Dr. Adarsh Tripathi uses a microscopic hair transplant technique to ensure that the remaining donor area is properly utilised without leaving a bald patch on the head, concealing unnatural-looking hair plugs to provide a more natural hairline.

Dr. Adarsh says, “What it truly comes down to is your decision alone; the surgeon you choose to give your head to. Hair transplantation is different from the routine medical procedures. It requires an artistic touch by a skilled and experienced doctor who can cater to every individual’s personal needs. Compromising with quality is gambling with your body; a line that’s never to be crossed. Always do proper research before choosing your doctor, verify their results, speak to their old patients, don’t just rush into getting a transplant from a particular clinic just because of some deal they are offering.”  Sarayu Clinics aims at taking care of all these criteria in the form of Dr. Adarsh Tripathi, one of the best hair restoration surgeons in India, and provides you with the confidence and version of beauty that you want; that you deserve. Contact Sarayu Clinics right now to talk to a hair restoration specialist and find out the best path for yourself.

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