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Exploring Post-Covid Options For Indian Economy


As the world undergoes what is being speculated as a global recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic, pertinent questions concerning the contours of fiscal stimulus and the changing economic policies across the globe arise. 

What are the expected consequences of large quantitative easing measures being taken? 

What is going to be the implication of countries becoming increasingly inwardly focussed? 

Can this pandemic be compared to The Great Depression? 

What are the possibilities for fiscal and financial policies within India? 

Are RBI’s measures enough to kickstart lending to an already distressed MSME sector worsened by the crisis?

What kind of support can India expect from multilateral institutions like the IMF? Are we going to see a shift in economic policy across the globe? How can India take advantage of the restructuring of global supply chains?

Sunjoy Joshi, Chairman, ORF, in conversation with Jayant Sinha, MP and Chairperson for Standing Committee on Finance, explores the economic impact of the pandemic on the global financial system and the measures that have to be taken to keep the supply chains functional and revive the global economy post-crisis.

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