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Former Afghan PM Heads Back Home


Amritsar/New Delhi: India-based former Prime Minister of Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai is on his way back to Kabul via Pakistan on medical grounds. Ahmad Shah Ahmadzai was the acting Prime Minister of Afghanistan in the Mujahid era, from 1995-1996 under President Burhanuddin Rabbani’s tenure. Ahmadzai had left the country when Taliban took over Kabul in 1996 and had been living in exile till the fall of Taliban in 2001.

His son Musa Ahmadzai confirmed that his father is leaving via Wagha border and will reach Afghanistan via Pakistan. He also pointed to the health situation of his father. They will be using Torkham border crossing to cross over to Afghanistan. 

Ahmadzai who was in the Afghan govt during the 1992-1996 period in various capacities, also stood for elections in 2004 in Afghanistan. In a post-communist Afghanistan, Ahmadzai was a close associate of President Burhanuddin Rabbani.

Meanwhile, in a goodwill gesture the Border Security Force allowed the ambulance carrying the former PM to go upto ground zero from where he was shifted to another ambulance, on the Pakistan side.

India has cleared his travel via Wagha, while Pakistan issued a transit visa. Interestingly, Islamabad got request for transit visa for Ahmadzai and his son, from Taliban’s Deputy Minister of Education. Travel to Afghanistan currently is difficult, given air connectivity still hasn’t been restored to its full capacity. For any Afghan living in India, easiest way in is by land via Pakistan.

The Pakistani high commission in Delhi has given transit visa to several Afghan nationals in past few weeks, including relatives of those Afghans who want to send back mortal remains to home country. Estimates put the figure from 20 to 50 Pakistani transit visas to Afghan nationals in Delhi.

Since Taliban’s takeover of Kabul on August 15, many Afghans have left the country fearing for life. Over 200 Afghans, mostly minority Hindu and Sikhs have come to India, which includes two Afghan Sikh MPs–Anarkali kaur and Narendra Singh Kalsa.

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