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Global Naga Forum condemns killing of NSCN-K cadre



The Global Naga Forum (GNF) has strongly condemned the enmity between the NSCN (U) and NSCN (K-Niki Sumi camp) which resulted in the murder of a cadre in the Niki Sumi group.

Terming the slain cadre of the NSCN(K-Niki Sumi) as a patriot, the Global Naga Forum in a statement on Tuesday said, “Naga people, regardless of our ideological and political differences, must agree and be clear about one thing.”

“Any group that resorts to Naga-on-Naga violence and murder is by those very acts an enemy of the people and of the Naga cause,” Forum said.

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“Claiming the Naga cause of freedom and self-determination, then taking away the right of our own people to live, is absurd,” the Naga organisation said, adding, “It is barbaric, inhuman and morally repugnant by the standards of any civilized society.”

Nagaland: Global Naga Forum condemns killing of NSCN-K cadre of Niki Sumi camp 1The Naga people are “dead tired of the endless divisions, enmities and killings”, the GNF said.

GNF said the Forum believes “it is time to start resolving the problems through non-violent negotiations and commitment to a process of healing”.

Saying that any Naga political groups or civil society organizations, whose loyalty to the group is greater than loyalty to the greater Naga cause are “not patriots”, the Global Naga Forum stated.

The Global Naga Forum mourned the murder of Ino Atoka Kinimi.

“We empathise with his family and pray that they may find solace in the grace and healing power that only God can give at a time like this,” the Forum stated.

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