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Govt may soon allow you to carry nano drones on domestic flights | India News


NEW DELHI: Soon you may be able to carry small drone cameras with you on flights for your domestic holidays and take breathtaking pictures.
After relaxing rules for drone usage, the government is working out ways to ensure that people can carry them on domestic flights for recreational purposes like taking pictures at places where they are allowed on ground.
“Drones can’t be taken on (domestic) flights as of now. But we have to find a way to let people carry them for vacations and using them at the destinations. Whether they can be taken in hand bag or check-in baggage and how, these things are being worked out by the government,” said a top aviation official.
For international travellers, regulations of other countries will need to be complied with.
This clarity on rules is needed to ensure people can at least take nano drones (weighing up to 250 gram) that now come with great cameras, on vacation within the country.
A new set of relaxed drone rules were enforced late last month by junking the stringent regulations that were put in place this March. Carrying drones during air travels still remains a grey area that needs to be cleared.
People operating nano and micro (weighing between 251 gram and 2 kg) drones for non-commercial or personal uses do not require a remote pilot licence. Model remotely piloted aircraft system and nano drones also do not require certificate.
The government is also working out an airspace map for unmanned aircraft system operations that will have three coloured zones. This map is expected to be on Digital Sky single-window drone platform by the month-end. That will clearly show where a drone can be operated.

Source: Aviation ministry

Drone flights will be prohibited in Red Zones like airport vicinity. In inner Yellow Zones, air traffic control clearance will be required. And in outer Yellow Zones, no permission will be required up to 200 feet between 8 and 12 km from the airport perimeter. In Green Zone that is beyond 12 km from airport perimeter, no permission will be required to fly drones up to 400 feet.
While there are no resections on operating nano drones, the colour-coordinated areas where they can be flown and to what altitude, will be needed to be kept in mind.

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