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Haryana govt employees to face fine, suspension over delay in services


You must have heard how the work in government offices is often delayed. Haryana’s Right-to-Service Commission (RTSC) Chief Commissioner TC Gupta is in action mode against this. He said that under the Right-to-Service Act, the Commission has sent notices to about 250 officers and employees who did not provide the notified services within the stipulated time.

The Chief Commissioner said that by holding the meetings of the Commission, people are gradually becoming aware of the Right-to-Service Act, similarly, when action is taken against those who delay in providing services, it will help the government departments. The situation will improve and the general public will get relief. He said these things to eminent people including the administrative officers of the district at the Apparel House located in Sector-44 on Thursday.

Right-to-service commission chief commissioner TC Gupta said the aim of the commission is that all the works of the general public should be completed on time and those people should be satisfied with the government works. He said that 546 services of 31 departments of the government are notified under the Right-to-Service Act. The time limit has been fixed for each service. The officers of the government department will provide all the services to the public within the fixed time limit. During this, the officers will not postpone the work of the public but will satisfy them. He said that the intention of the government is very clear that all the services should be available to all the people in a time-bound manner.

While talking to the officers, the Chief Commissioner said that a fine of up to Rs 20,000 can be imposed on the officer or employee who delays the government work. This fine will be paid by the concerned officer or employee from his salary. If a government officer or employee is fined more than three times, then the commission will recommend his suspension to his department. Apart from this, in case of delay in government facilities, the commission can give compensation of up to Rs 5,000 to the aggrieved applicant.

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