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High Stakes Trip For Biden


President Biden arrived in Britain on Wednesday to attend a Group of 7 summit, followed by meetings with NATO and European Union leaders.
 Biden will announce, possibly as early as Thursday, that the White House has reached an agreement to provide 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine to 100 countries over the next year. We have live updates here.
European leaders are relieved to be dealing with a president who values alliances after former President Donald Trump called the E.U. a “foe” and dismissed NATO as “obsolete.”
But the talks aren’t going to be easy. Topics on the table include how to deal with Russia and China, the military withdrawal from Afghanistan and global warming. On the final day of his trip, in Geneva, Biden will meet with President Vladimir Putin of Russia.
Speaking to troops after landing in Suffolk, Biden called his weeklong diplomatic trip “essential,” and vowed to stand up to China and Russia.
I talked to Steven Erlanger, our chief diplomatic correspondent in Europe, about how the Trump years changed European views of the U.S.
What will it take for Biden to regain their trust?
He’s already started: in symbolism, language, the visits of his top officials to NATO and the E.U., and his own visit. In a world where the West is comparatively smaller and less economically dominant, he argues that allies who share the same view of global order should stick together.
How have European dynamics changed?
During Trump, Emmanuel Macron pushed the hardest for more European autonomy but the French president has not convinced many European allies.
Still, Macron believes that Biden is the past, not the future, and that an America turning more toward the Pacific means Europe must do more for its own interests and security.

Courtesy – NYT

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