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Hindus, Muslims living in India share same ancestry, Britishers divided them: RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat


Hindus and Muslims living in India have the same ancestors, said Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat, adding that Britishers divided them by creating misconceptions. 

Bhagwat said that Britishers told Muslims that they will not get anything if they decide to live with Hindus, news agency ANI quoted.

“Britishers told Muslims that only Hindus will be elected and exhorted them to demand a separate (nation). They said Islam will disappear from India. Did it happen? No. Muslims can hold all posts,” Bhagwat said while speaking at a symposium on ‘Rashtra Pratham – Rashtra Sarvopari’ in Mumbai.

Britishers told Hindus that Muslims are extremists, the RSS chief said, adding, “They made both the communities fight. As a result of that fight and trust deficit, both have been talking about keeping a distance from each other. We need to change our vision.”

To take the nation forward, both communities need to walk together, the RSS chief said, adding, “The basis of our unity is our motherland and glorious tradition. The ancestors of Hindus and Muslims living in India were the same.”

“There will be no disrespect for other’s opinions here, but we have to think of India`s supremacy, not Muslim supremacy. To take the country forward, everyone will have to walk together,” he said.

Defining the term “Hindu”, he said, “From my point of view, the word Hindu is a symbol of motherland, ancestor, and heritage of Indian culture.”

He further said, “‘Hindu’ is not a caste or linguistic noun, but it is the name of a tradition guiding the development, upliftment of every person of nature. Whatever it believes, irrespective of its language, creed, religion, it is Hindu and, in this context, we consider every Indian citizen as Hindu.’’

Islam came to India with the invader, he said. He added, “This is history, and it is necessary to tell it as such. The sensible leadership of Muslim society should oppose the tyrant things.”

He asked the ‘sensible leadership of Muslim society’ to oppose the orthodox community boldly, and added, “This work has to be done with long effort and determination. The test of all of us will be long and hard. The sooner we start, the less harm will be done to our society.”

“If India will become a superpower, it will be in the form of Vishwaguru. For centuries, we have been striving for the upliftment of all living and non-living. For this reason, no one should be afraid of India becoming a superpower,” he added.

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