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A good picture says a thousand pictures . The picture of the Syrian toddlerwashed ashore said more about the pain and tragedy of forced migration than several big thesis or magazine features on the issue. The big story of the week ending tommorow has been the Sino-Indian border clash, where the Indian army, initially routed in a treacherous attack , fought back. Since the Chinese casualties were inside their territory , for which Foreign Minister Wang Yi has demanded a probe and ‘severe punishment’ for the Indian soldiers who crossed the LAC to attack the Chinese, we have not been able to manage pictures of Chinese casualties.  Soldiers attacking their targets don’t take pictures and if they do for sake of evidence , they rarely release it until permitted to do so.  So though Easternlink has definite information on the fierce Indian counter-attack that led to atleast 44 Chinese casualties, we have put together some pictures of Indian casualties made available by military sources. The tragedy of loss and the brutality of the treacherous Chinese attack f attacking just when the agreed pullback on the basis of the June 6 agreement was to begin is brought home by some of these pictures, specially the funeral pyre of Colonel Santosh Babu ,Co, 16 Bihar.  The rest is for our readers to judge.

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