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Huge App-Based Global Sting Operation


Global law enforcement officials have revealed a three-year operation in which they said they had intercepted over 20 million messages revealing criminal activities.
The intercepts reveal much including a plan to ship cocaine from Ecuador to Belgium in cans of tuna. 
At least 800 people were arrested in more than a dozen countries.
The F.B.I., working with Australian police, recruited an informant to sell cellphones to crime syndicates.
 The phones had a hidden function that sent encrypted messages and photos.
Over three years, more than 12,000 devices were sold to crime rings operating in more than 100 countries.
 Users trusted the devices’ security so much that they often laid out their plans not in code, but in plain language.
A big fish: A breakthrough came when one of the devices got into the hands of Joseph Hakan Ayik, an Australian the police believe has imported drugs from Turkey. 
Other people ensnared included Italian organized crime members and Australian motorcycle gangs.
 In Sweden, the police made 155 arrests and prevented the killing of 10 people thanks to the operation, the authorities said.
 A global internet outage briefly took out sites including The Times and the British government on Tuesday
 The outage was connected to Fastly, a provider of cloud computing services, which said that a fix was being made.

Courtesy – NYT

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