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Huge Heroin Seizure in Assam’s Karbi Anglong


In the continuing drive against banned drugs across Assam, Karbi Anglong police hit jackpot this week , arresting an international smuggler and recovering fine quality heroin worth sixteen crore rupees in the national market.

A team of police led by Pusparaj Singh Superintendent of Police Karbi Anglong and other skilled senior officers made the drugs haul at Janakpukhuri locality of Bokajan subdivision within the jurisdiction of Khatkati police station, an area notorious for illegal activities which is also adjoining to Dimapur city of Nagaland.  

Police laid a  trap with the help of their sources , focusing on a  lady believed to be linchpin of the gang.

This lady was branded as Didi in the dark world who was later identified as Th. Paone aged around fifty years, a resident of Manipur’s Senapati district. Another Kevin Movi, a young fellow and resident of Dimapur city has also been arrested by police with 2.125 kilogram heroin concealed in 164 soap cases. 

 Police have also seized the K 10 Alto vehicle (no AS01ABV9058) in which the infamous Didi reached the place of delivery from Dimapur.

The backdrop of today’s success story is quite awe-inspiring and matches the prototypes of narcotic operation.

 In the continuing anti drugs operation Borpathar police recently seized 723 grams of heroin and arrested few paddlers; after interrogating one of the accused of that case (no 30/21 under section 21 c NDPS act) police came the know about this villainous Didi who actually retains weighty measure of drugs delivery to neighboring Nagaon, Morigaon and Guwahati region of Assam for onward distribution and local vending.

However communicating Th. Paone alias Didi was a tough nut to crack, nevertheless police managed to converse with this woman through cutouts and persuaded her to make the bulk sell. 

Accordingly decoy was set who acted as bargain hunter, until the climax of the capture at around 9.00 am.

Mention should be made about Officer Bhupan Kalita, Mwblik Bramha and John Das. The team of police officers executed this well orchestrated lethal game of endurance and fortitude, right from setting up to carrying out.

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