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India Outplayed By Imran’s Hasina Swing


BY A STAFF REPORTER: Her father fought for the liberation of Bangladesh. Pakistani soldiers raped and killed thousands of Bangladeshis, brutally murdered Mukti Joddhas, those fighting for Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan. India helped Bangladesh get independence from Pakistan. But Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Sheikh Mujibar Rehman, the father of Bangladesh, turned around history when she spoke to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for a full 15 minutes. According to a press communique issued by Bangladesh Prime Minister’s Office, Sheikh Hasina discussed COVID19 and the flood situation with Pakistan Prime Minister. The bonhomie between two former bitter rivals have exposed India’s diplomatic failure. Hasina’s Awami League, considered a more liberal party has been hijacked by Pakistani coterie. Sources close to PMO mentioned that Pakistani bred and Karachi educated Salman F Rehman and his close friends are literally running the Bangladesh government. Awami League came to power in an one sided election, which many believed was shadow controlled by India. By allying with Pakistan, Sheikh Hasina has decided to rebuff Delhi. Now it remains to be seen how Delhi reacts to the Hasina challenge.

Courtesy – AnmNews

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