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Indian Army gets “Emergency Powers” To Handle LAC


As the Chinese aggression on the border has resulted in the first deadly action on LAC in over 4 decades the call has been taken. The government of India has given the ’emergency powers’ to the Indian Army. As per these powers, the Indian Army now has a free hand to act as they see fit in the Galway Valley region to tackle the dragon’s forces.

The decision was taken by the government after 20 Indian soldiers made the ‘ultimate sacrifice’ in aggression and intrusion from the Chinese side. Reports from ANI and that from the U.S. intelligence also confirmed that the Chinese side suffered higher causalities then Inda.

Chinese government’s mouthpiece The Global Times has reported that the Chinese PLA carried out an exercise with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and towed artillery. China has made its occupation in the Indian area were before this it hasn’t but the claim. As per the ongoing talks, the Indian army officer and 2 soldiers went to the region to ask the Chinese to remove their tents as per agreement.

However, the Chinese side reacted aggressively and started throwing stones on Indian soldiers and officers. This led to clashes that went on till late at night. The PM has called an all-party meet on 19th June post which the action India going to take would be more clear.

Courtesy – Viralbake

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