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India’s Police Killings


In India, police killings are common. Outrage over them isn’t.
Every year, scores of Indians are killed and hundreds more are tortured to death in police custody. But the killings rarely provoke widespread outrage.
Even after the death of George Floyd in police custody in the U.S. unleashed searing examinations of police abuse and injustice around the world, no large movement has emerged in India.
For many Indians, crime is the more pressing issue, and they often side with the police, or fear speaking against them. 
Jeffrey Gettleman, our South Asia bureau chief, observed: “Some intellectuals, human rights observers and advocates for members of minority communities speak out about police abuse, but it doesn’t usually go wider than that.” 
What usually happens: The use of torture is banned in India, but it happens in police stations, activists said, under the euphemism of “third-degree interrogation.” Police officers who spoke to The Times acknowledged it involves physical torture.
At least 1,731 people were killed in custody last year, according to a report by the National Campaign Against Torture, an Indian rights group. The majority of the victims were Muslims and lower-caste Hindus.

Courtesy – NYT

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