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ISPR’s Sarwardy Statement Focus On Moral Turpitude, Not Sedition


In reaction to some comments and activities of retired Lieutenant General Chowdhury Hasan Sarwardy, the Inter Services Public Relations Directorate or ISPR has said such “behaviour” is “discomforting and embarrassing” for the members of the armed forces.

The authorities noticed Lt Gen Sarwardy’s recent “falsehood” on social media about “entering the cantonment and the army”, the ISPR said in a statement on Sunday.

“He got into in illicit relationships with more than one woman when he was the commandant of the NDC after being promoted to Lt Gen. He took many girls with him when he travelled abroad for different courses at the NDC. When the authorities noticed photos of his indecent behaviour and hanging out through different media, the authorities felt embarrassed and he was advised in different ways.”

Sarwardy divorced his first wife without permission from the authorities on Aug 16, 2018 while on leave preparatory to retirement and married his second wife wearing military mess kits, which is a breach of army law, on Nov 21, 2018 without permission from the authorities, the statement said.

“But he stayed unethically in the same home with his second wife before the marriage from Nov 4, 2018. With his current wife, a media personality, he even celebrated Pahela Baishakh, spent holidays in Sajek Resort and Khagrachhari, and travelled to and stayed in India, Thailand, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland at different times before the marriage. Photos of his activities were criticised in the military and civil society as well as on social media. Besides these, the person he has married is known as a controversial woman.”

The ISPR said: “Such behaviour of Lt Gen Chowdhury Hasan Sarwardy (retired) is discomforting and embarrassing for the members of the armed forces. Such actions are a negative example to and have a negative effect on army officers and other personnel.”

“Upon consideration of all these matters, the officer was declared persona non grata in the cantonment and areas under the cantonment on Apr 10, 2019.”

People declared persona non grata by the army authorities are not eligible to avail facilities in the establishments of the cantonment and the areas under the cantonment, such as treatment at the Combined Military Hospital, Officers Club and CSD Shop, according to the ISPR statement.

Courtesy – BDNEWS24

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