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Israeli Breathalyser Tests Corona Virus In Just A Minute


Israeli professor Gabby Sarusi and his two masters students in the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev has developed a rapid corona virus testing kit which is a technological breakthrough in the field of COVID-19 testing.

The process of testing involves breathing thrice into a nano chip through a plastic breathalyser. The nano chip is later analysed to determine whether a person has COVID-19 or not. What is amazing is that the entire test can be done in under a minute and it has an accuracy rate of 96%!

Once patented and made available to the common people, it can easily be used to detect COVID-19 patients especially in public places like airports and railway stations.

“This corona virus detector is an ultrafast detection technique which relies on the physical properties of the virus. The entire principle is deep rooted into physics and electronics which enable us to ensure the accuracy of the technology”, Said Rudrarup Sengupta, a Calcuttan, who is also a part of the research team.

The RT-PCR analysis technology used by biologists in order to detect the presence of corona virus in patients, involves the collection of nose and throat swabs. It is time consuming and costly as it identifies the RNA sequences and then duplicates it considerably for proper detection.

“If we compare it to our physics-oriented technology, once we know the theory and its related results, we can go ahead to do the experiments. When the experimental results manifest what is said in the theory, we do not need any extra level of validation and the detection mechanism becomes
super fast”, added Sengupta.

After analysing the nano chip, if the reference curve does not overlap with the curve generated from a person’s breath, then it will indicate that he is a carrier of the corona virus.

The idea to carry out a research on rapid corona virus testing methods came to a bored Prof. Sarusi during quarantine when he decided to call up a friend to 3d print the prototype of the breathalyser.

“We asked ourselves, since this virus is just like a nano particle or a quantum dot with a diameter between 100nm to 140nm in terms of its size and electrical properties, can we detect it using methods from the world of Physics, photonics and electrical engineering,” said Prof. Sarusi.

“We discovered that the answer is yes. The virus resonates in the THz frequency, and spectroscopy in these frequencies reveals it promptly,” Prof. Sarusi further added.

If this cost-efficient breathalyser gets approved by the concerned medical authorities in India, it is sure to revolutionise the corona virus testing process.

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