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Japan pushes to get back ots companies from China


The first of the many avalanches has begun for China. The Shinzo Abe government of Japan has approved a  stimulus package worth whopping 108.2 trillion yen (US$993 billion) – equal to 20 percent of Japan’s economic output – to cushion the impact of the epidemic on the world’s third-largest economy. Out of the total amount, it has earmarked US $2.2 billion to help its manufacturers shift production out of China.

220 billion yen ($2 billion) is pledged for Japanese companies shifting production back to Japan and the remaining 23.5 billion yen for those seeking to move production to other countries.The disruption in supply chains amidst the growing scare of the Wuhan virus and the damages incurred when the Coronavirus epidemic was at its peak in China has led Japan to take this radical step. China will lose a large number of jobs as a result of this move.

China is Japan’s biggest trading partner under normal circumstances, but imports from China slumped by almost half in February as the disease closed factories, in turn starving Japanese manufacturers of necessary components. To be precise, China exports $148 billion worth of goods to Japan and despite having such big numbers stacked against it, the Japanese are not taking the foot off the pedal and attacking China much like the rest of the world.

Japan’s fury towards China is understandable because of the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics. The country was keen on ensuring that the quadrennial multi-sports event goes on as planned but China and its irresponsible handling of the deadly virus caused a full-blown pandemic which in turn crippled the entire planet.

The Japanese Deputy PM Taro Aso has even gone on to say that the World Health Organisation might have to change its name to “Chinese Health Organisation”, during a speech in Japanese Parliament wherein he lent support to a petition terming Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus unfit for the role of the WHO chief.

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