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‘Jesus To Keep COVID Away’ Pastor Faces 3 Years In Myanmar Prison


A Christian pastor from Myanmar, who preached belief in Jesus would keep Covid-19 away,  faces up to three years in prison.

David Lah, a Canadian passport holder, and three others were charged with defying a ban on large gatherings imposed to tackle the coronavirus pandemic on March 13.

Lah is now on a 21-day mandatory quarantine imposed on foreigners entering Myanmar who have suffered C-virus infection.. 

The pastor claimed devout Christians were immune to Covid-19 before catching the disease himself in April.

 In a video clip that went viral in mid-April, Lah told worshipers that those who are really believe in Jesus will not be infected by Covid-19.

Lah is a controversial figure because of his anti-LGBT and Islamophobic rhetoric, the report said.

Dozens of Buddhist monks have gone round cities like Mandalay, Myanmar’s second-largest city, chanting prayers to prevent the spread of the coronavirus that has ravaged many countries.

Some Buddhist figures have been promoting non-medical remedies and some Burmese people have been sharing myths about the coronavirus in the Buddhist-majority country.

One monk claimed that eating a lime and three palm seeds would keep the virus away, while another recommended consuming seven ground peppercorns.

In an impoverished country that had been isolated from the world for decades, some people still believe that they remain safe thanks to Theravada Buddhism and the prayers of senior monks.

A doctor in Yangon has reportedly said that Myanmar is lucky because it’s a Buddhist country and senior monks are always praying for safety.  

In neighbouring India, Hindu politicians and preachers have advocated cow urine therapy to keep C-Virus away.

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