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Jio unveils new smartphone’s key features in a short video



Reliance Jio has released the details of launching of one of the most awaited phones in recent times—JioPhone Next. ‘Making of JioPhone Next’ film talks about how JioPhone Next is set to change lives of millions of Indians.

“The new phone is designed with India at its heart and has already started receiving global attention,” said a startement issued by JIO.

The new phone, announced at the Reliance Industries’ annual general meeting earlier this year, will be powered by Google Android operating system-based Pragati OS and Qualcomm processor. 

Pragati OS, powered by Android, has been built specifically for India and is at the heart of JioPhone Next. “It has been engineered by best minds at Jio and Google with an objective to bring Pragati (progress) for all, while offering truly seamless experience at affordable cost,” said Jio.

With JioPhone Next, the telecom major plans to take a decisive step towards its vision of democratising digital connectivity in India. 

Announcing that JioPhone Next will ensure that every Indian gets an equal opportunity and equal access to digital technology. JioPhone Next is Made in India, Made for India and Made by Indians.

JioPhone Next’s processor comes from another technology leader, Qualcomm. The Qualcomm processor on the JioPhone Next focuses on delivering optimized connectivity and location technologies along with optimizations in device performance, audio and battery. The rich feature set of JioPhone Next will enable interaction with technology in a whole new manner.

The new features of JioPhone Next are:

Voice Assistant

Voice assistant helps users to operate the device (Open App, manage settings etc.) and get information/content from Internet easily in a language familiar to them.

Read Aloud

‘Listen’ functionality allows user to have content on any screen read out to them by device. This allows users to consume content by listening in a language which they can understand.


‘Translate’ functionality allows user to have any screen translated to language of user choice. This allows users to read any content in their language of preference. 

Easy and Smart Camera

The device is equipped with a smart and powerful camera which supports various photography modes such as Portrait mode allowing users to capture great photos with automatically blurred background. Night mode allows users to capture great photos even under low light.

The camera app also comes preloaded with custom Indian augmented reality filters to enhance the pictures by associating with emotions and festivities.

Jio and Google Apps preloaded

The device supports all the available android apps which users can download and use in device via Google Play Store thus giving them the freedom to choose from lacs of apps available on the Play store. It also comes preloaded with a host of Jio and Google apps.

Automatic Software upgrade

The JioPhone Next remains up to date with automatic software updates. The experience is only going to get better over time with the latest features delivered automatically. It also comes with security updates ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Amazing Battery Life

The newly designed Pragati OS, which is powered by Android, ensures optimum performance while ensuring long battery life.

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