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Kazakhstan Bodybuilder Marries His ‘Sex Doll’


The saying, jis cheez mai khushi mile wahi karna chahiye, was taken too seriously by this gentleman from Kazakhstan who is now married to her sex doll.

Yurii Tolochko, who is a bodybuilder by profession, has dated his sex doll for eight months before he proposed love to her last year and this month they finally shared nuptial vows.

Yes, it may sound weird, but you must never forget that pyaar aandha hota hai and in this case, bus thodha bejaan bhi hai. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem until the ‘two’ are happy together.

Tolochko has named her bride Margo because ofc, she doesn’t have parents to do it for her.

About the wedding, Tolochko recalls that like many couples, he was also going to marry Margo back in March but the coronavirus pandemic disrupted their plans and he had to postpone the wedding by a few months.

Tolochko says that when he revealed her photo to the world, a lot of people had criticised her and thus she began to develop a complex about her looks. Thus he took her to a ‘real clinic’ for plastic surgery.

The couple first met at a bar when Tolochko believes he rescued Margo from a young man who was treating her wrong, reports Complex. The two have been in love ever since even as Margo has tried to start out a life of her own. Last year, Margot also started a waitressing job at a local bar.

Such a heart touching love story!!

Courtesy – Viralbake

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