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Konyak Civil Disobedience Over Killings


The Konyak Union (KU), the apex body of the Konyak Naga tribe that resides in Nagaland’s Mon district, Monday, announced fresh regulations to continue its “non-cooperation” with the armed forces on Konyak soil — a decision took following the killing of 14 civilians in Oting village in a security ambush last Saturday.

While on December 7, the KU had asked all units of the 27 Assam Rifles to vacate Mon district, Monday’s statement listed out a number of “non-cooperation regulations”, including “total restriction of Indian Military force convoy and patrolling” until justice is delivered to those killed, no “military recruitment rallies” within Mon district, and non-acceptance of “developmental packages” from the forces.

Those villages councils/students/societies who have received compensation packages must “immediately denounce any forms of assured packages” from the forces, the statement added.

The statement also directed “customary landowners to immediately denounce” past land agreements allotted for setting up military base camps (operating points) in all areas within the jurisdiction of Naginimora, Tizit, Lampong Sheanghah, Wakching Town, Mon Town, Longshen Town, Sheanghah Wamsa, Longwa, Chenmoho, Chenloishu, Wangti, Aboi, Angjangyang, Tobu and Monyakshu.

The statement jointly signed by KU, Konyak Nyupuh Sheko Khong (KNSK), which is the apex women’s body, and Konyak Student Union also said that the Konyak community would “cut off all forms of public relation” with the forces.

Meanwhile, the body has scheduled the first phase of their mass agitation for December 16, where a public rally would be held all over the district. As a sign of resentment, black flags would be hoisted on every vehicle, black badges would be worn by all, the statement said.

Courtesy – Indian Express

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