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LOC Infiltration Down 70% : Raju


A senior army commander on Sunday said that infiltration across Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir has reduced by 70% in 2020 compared to the year before.

General Officer Commanding (GOC) of army’s strategic 15 Corps, Lt Gen BS Raju said that the forces were in full control of the LoC.

“This year we’ve been able to reduce infiltration by over 70% in comparison to last year. Here on the LoC we remain in full control and are prepared for all contingencies,” he said in a video shared on Chinar Corps’ Twitter handle.

The GoC said that the LoC was quiet owing to the heavy snowfall in frontier areas.

“The Line of Control remains fairly active because Pakistan desires to push in the terrorists and do some mischief in our forward areas. Presently due to the snow levels, the area of infiltration has definitely shrunk a bit so some sanity prevails on the LoC right now,” he said.

He said that the ceasefire violations from the other side were basically to help terrorists s sneak in.

“In response we target terrorist launch pads and also those who support the infiltration especially the forward posts of the enemy. We are aware of Pakistan’s designs and we have plans in place to maintain full control on the LoC,” he said.

The corps commander said that the counter infiltration system of the forces included not only the soldiers but included modern technology.

“ I can say with a fair amount of confidence that today we have a strong counter infiltration grid based on an anti infiltration obstacle system- a combination of physical obstacles, the soldiers who are guarding it and the technologies to detect and neutralize. This is something which goes through the rigours of snow every year but we put it back in place to ensure its efficacy in the summers,” he said.

In another video, General Raju said that the army ispresently working with the government for a suitable surrender policy.

“A well thought out surrender policy will be of great help. At this stage I would say this is a work in progress,” he said.

The General said that what was important was how to rehabilitate those who surrender.

“How does the community reintegrate them? In my opinion, after their coming back this is the combined effort of the army, police, civil administration and the local community elders who have to take this task, ” he said.

He appealed the youth who have been misled gone astray is to come back.

“You can get back and we will take care of you. We have given this important message to everybody terrorists, parents and society and large. And we have demonstrated this on ground also. In the last six months, close to 17 strayed youth have come and we are very happy for them, “he said.

In a third video, the GoC requested people to be vigilant of what he claimed to be “terrorists without weapons”.

“These are those people who instigate, fund and control terrorism as a means to their own selfish ends. For them anyone not following their ideology is fit to be killed. They are the biggest threat to peace in Kashmir, ” General Raju said.

Courtesy – HindustanTimes

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