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Mobile Internet Banned In Many Parts Of Delhi-NCR


On the day of Republic Day, the peasant movement became very fierce in the capital of the country, and the peasant protesters reached the Red Fort. The tractor rally of the farmers turned peaceful into a chaos and there was a clash between the protesters and the police. It remained tense in many areas including Delhi’s ITO. Meanwhile, the government banned mobile internet in many parts of Delhi. But do you know if internet chatting can be done? Let’s know about this.

During the tractor rally of farmers on Republic Day in Delhi, there was a lot of uproar. In such a situation, the government banned mobile Internet service in different parts of Delhi to control the situation. Similarly, in some parts of Haryana, mobile internet services are closed. Now the question is, can internet chatting be done during this period?

The answer is yes. As you would understand that the Internet is a network of networks. In such a situation, this trap can be created in many ways. Nowadays many apps exist for smartphones, which allow file transfer via WiFi. Also, file transfer has been done from Bluetooth for a long time. Actually this method works without sending internet message.

Bluetooth, WiFi and hotspot can be used to forward messages without internet. This work is done through mesh network. A network made up of multiple mobile WiFi or Bluetooth is called a mesh network. Its reach is limited. The range of a mobile mesh network is only within the range of its Bluetooth or WiFi.

But if many mobile devices are connected together then this mesh network can be extended many times. In a demonstration in Hong Kong, many such applications were also used which work on the Internet mesh network.

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