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Modi Govt Rubbishes NYT Report


NEW DELHI: The government on Thursday rejected a report published by The New York Times on India’s Covid death toll and called it “completely baseless and false”.
In its report, the NYT estimated that India’s “real” Covid death toll could be way higher than what has officially been reported.

The report estimated three scenarios, from conservative to the worst-case, to ascertain the true Covid fatalities.
It claimed that in the more likely scenario, India’s Covid-related deaths could be up to 1.6 million compared to 3.15 lakh that has been reported.
During a media briefing today, the government said the NYT report is based on distorted estimates and not backed by any real evidence.
There have been other reports suggesting that India, and several other countries around the globe including the US, have vastly underreported their Covid death toll.
Last year, there were many reports which suggested that China, where the virus first originated, had hidden its actual Covid toll.

Courtesy – TOI

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