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Modi’s Sindhupujan More Than Symbolic : Vijay


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Sindhu Pujan during his visit to Ladakh for meeting the soldiers served two purpose : (a)  give a strong message of ever victorious Bharat Varsha  (b) revive memory of India’s natural boundaries from Sindhu river in Baltistan to Indian Ocean in South.
Veteran nationalist-writer MP Tarun Vijay , who started Sindhu Darshan in 1997 after re-discovering the river in Ladakh,  has said : : By simply offering a few rose petals in Indus River, PM Modi has revived the memory of real India of Akhand Bharat and reminded us of India’s natural boundaries, described in our Shastras and Puranas.
Vijay edited the RSS mouthpiece “Panchjanya” for nearly 30 years before he was elected MP in Rajya Sabha.
“Bharat Varsha lies from Sindhu River in Himalayas to Sindhu (Indian Ocean) in south, ” he said while quoting an ancient Sanskrit couplet.
“Uttaram yat samudrasya. Himadreschaiva dakshinam , Varsham tad Bharatam nama. Bharati yatra santatih. ” (Vishnu Purana, II, 3.1.)
“This means that north of the Ocean and south of the sniw-clad mountains is the land of Bharat and all born here are Bharatiyas.”
Vijay demolishes the British and pseudo-Indian historiography that united India is a British creation.
“This Vishnu Purana couplet clearly lays down both geographic expanse and the civilisational spread of the Idea of India. No foreigner or their cohorts gave it to us,” Vijay said.
Maintaining that Sindhu river signifies thousands years old journey of Hindus of Vedic people and Aryans, who inhabited this area, Tarun Vijay reminded that India drives its name from Indus and its civilization as Indus civilization.
Passing throug three countries Sindhu or Indus is symbol of friendship coexistence and gives a message of ending expansionism, encouraging Vikasvaad or developmentism.

Tarun Vijay

“Modi ji has recreated memory of Indus civilization in our hearts and reminded that entire Indus area from Baltistan to Indian Ocean belongs to India,” he said.
Stressing that a nation with memory is a nation with future while a memory less future is like a memory deleted computer, the veteran writer stressed that our society must revive the memories like Kashmir is called so because Maharishi Kashyap gave this name .
 “This fact is as important as we are all Sindhu Putras because of River Indus and Sindhu must be visited by every Indian,” he emphasized.
Admitting that still many people were not knowing that Indus River passes through India, Tarun Vijay reiterated that Indus River memory should be revived and more and more people must be encouraged to visit Indus, which is a symbol of India’s victory, spirituality, civilization and greatness since entire world knows us as people of Indus.
“Unfortunately after partition in 1947, a major part of River Indus went to Pakistan and people started feeling that perhaps Sindhu has gone away from them although they are known as Sindhu Putra,” said Tarun Vijay and recalled how Indus river was rediscovered in 1996 when he had gone to Ladakh with Lal Krishan Advani on an election tour.
“There we saw the river and when I identified it from the local SSP, I was surprised that we were on the banks of great Indus River. Next morning I went to the Sindhu River along with Advani ji and we had a little Puja there,” he recalled and informed how Sindhu Darshan programme was planned with the help and guidance of RSS veteran H V Sheshadri after which a reception committee was formed under the chairmanship of then Congress leader Thupstan Chewang.
The former MP didn’t forget to mention that it was an all party, all religion programme, in which Anjuman Islamia, Christian Church, Ladakh Buddhist Association, Sanatan Dharma Sabha and all others came together . 
On 10th of October 1997, 72 people from all over India came to Ladakh with RSS veteran Madan Dass , L K Advani and K R Malkani for performing Sindhu Darshan while Pandit Jasraj sang on bank of Indus River without any platform, he added and also informed about visualizing Sindhu Ghat in Shey Syamla where people can have bath.
Tarun Vijay also threw light on the contribution of then Minister of Tourism and Culture, Jagmohan, then Delhi Chief Minister Sahib Singh Verma and then J&K Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah in organizing the first ever Sindhu Darshan programme.

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