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Mughals Were Refugees : Naseeruddin’s Latest Pearl


Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah stoked a new controversy as he passed a comment on Mughals in India. In one of his recent interviews, the veteran actor called Mughals “refugees”. Social media has erupted ever since.

In a video that is now trending on the internet, Naseeruddin Shah claimed that Mughals came to India to make it their homeland. He also added that Mughals are the ones who have left lasting monuments in the country.

Naseeruddin Shah said, “The so-called atrocities of the Mughals are being highlighted all the time. We forget that the Mughals are people who have contributed to the country. They are people who have left lasting monuments in the country, who have left the tradition of dancing, music, painting, literature. Mughals came here to make this their homeland. You can call them refugees if you like…”

Check out the reactions of internet users here:

One user wrote, “Why this relentless obsession with invaders? A new low – ‘Mughals are refugees’…” Another user added, ” Mughals were invaders not refugees.They were armed raiders,who visited India not to seek asylum,but to rule,taking advantage of disunity amongst the then existing Kingdoms in Indian Peninsula. They had their own culture,a sister branch of Indo Aryan culture,influence was obvious.”

Another wrote, “Mughals were refugees, Aryans were invaders & Naseeruddin Shah so called champion of Secularism are legacy of Mughal refugees in India.”

Courtesy – WION

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