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Myanmar bans Arakan Army


Myanmar government has finally declared the United League of Arakan (ULA)/Arakan Army (AA), an unlawful association and a terrorist group .
The Anti-Terrorism Central Committee has issued this order with the approval of the Union Government on March 23.
In the statement issued by the Anti-Terrorism Central Committee, the ULA/AA by organizing as well as using fear and threats to local people in northern Rakhine State, carried out attacks on military columns, police members and security outposts, using the local people as cover. They also arrested, killed and tortured village administrators, civil servants and innocent civilians and committed shootings and landmine attacks in the villages. 
These terrorist acts of the ULA/AA have caused serious damages to public security, lives and property, important infrastructures of the public and private sector, state-owned buildings, vehicles, equipment and materials. Moreover, the ULA/AA also conducted terrorist attacks on the registered vessels, airplanes and other motorized vehicles. 
Therefore, the ULA/AA which has been committing the above-mentioned terrorist acts has been declared as a terrorist group. 
Similarly, the Ministry of Home Affairs declared the ULA/AA as an unlawful association on 23 March. 
In its statement issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs , the President believes and assumes that the objectives and acts of the ULA/AA, its affiliated group and its related individuals have posed a danger to rule of law, peace and stability of the country and the peace and tranquility of the public. 
Therefore, the President, as per Section 16 of the Unlawful Associations Act, has declared the above-mentioned group and its affiliated groups as an unlawful association in accordance with the stipulations in Section 15, Sub-Section (2) of the Unlawful Associations Act.

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