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Myanmar Submits Report To ICJ


Myanmar has submitted its first report to the International Court of Justice, amid a flurry of statements condemning ongoing human rights abuses against the  Muslim Rohingyas. In January, the court ordered Myanmar to take measures to prevent genocide against the Rohingya and to preserve any potential evidence of genocide, and to submit a report on those measures in four months. 
There was some speculation as to whether Myanmar would file a submission, given its historic animosity towards international courts, but the ICJ confirmed it was received the detailed report.

Either Myanmar or the ICJ can choose to make the report public, but neither have yet. 
“While we don’t have access to the submission, we do have access to information on how the Rohingya continue to be treated, leading many human rights groups like Amnesty International to conclude that Myanmar failed to follow the ICJ’s orders, ” said the Frontier magazine.
Amnesty International said in its reaction . ” Nothing  has changed” citing continued restrictions on citizenship, freedom of movement, and access to services like healthcare. 
Rohingya groups also said the situation has not improved, with the Burmese Rohingya Organisation UK claiming genocide is “contuing unabated.”

The court has agreed to postpone the due date for initial pleadings by three months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, upon The Gambia’s request.
Meanwhile, Myanmar’s parliament approved an additional budget of around $484,000 for the country’s legal defence, a proposal that was ironically criticised by the military, which stands accused of carrying out the alleged genocide in the first place.

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