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Mystery Deepens On Missing Navy Man


21 years old Navy Cadet named Dhananjay Arora of Delhi is missing from 13th September. “Since when the ship was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, no trace of Dhananjay has been found”, as per source. Other mariners are claiming about his disappearance that it took place after Mr. Arora filed a complaint against his senior officers with the charge of harassment. The Shipping Company has not provided any information about his whereabouts after the incident took place.

Mr. Dhananjay Arora’s family is going through mental disturbances. They have started drowning into their emotional ups and downs. The Fleet Management has responded to the approaches of other mariners that the company has engaged Mauritius Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in order to mount a search operation. They further added, “Our concerned teams are coordinating with Dhananjay’s family and keeping them posted”, as per source. Additionally, they have assured of full cooperation with the relevant authorities like Flag State, DG Shipping, local authorities of the next port and P&I club to have a constructive investigation. Where is Mr. Dhananjay Arora? What exactly happened after filing complaint against of being harassed by his senior officers? How is he supposed to be disappeared? Questions will change by time, but answers will remain same “Power and Hierarchy”

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