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Narkeldanga; Stuck In Between Politics


COVID- 19 and Kolkata have levelled up their relationship in a massive way nowadays that no matter how many stable relationships in different spheres of the society are breaking off. Narkeldanga is one of those places in Kolkata, where certain strong businesses of cattle animals take place and everyday many groups of people arrive there for imports and exports. Not so surprisingly, this place consists of approximate 55,000 people’s population as per the recent record in governmental reports. Ward no. 29 of Kolkata Municiple Corporation is the biggest market in East Asia where blackness and whiteness in money coincide together and from this perspective every government has been proven to be as irresponsible as Bengal could ever think of. But if we follow the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s recent statements since the pandemic intimated its friendship with Kolkata, then not a single fruitful discussion has been taken place yet regarding the big markets of West Bengal as if it seems like Didi (elder sister) of Bengal has forgotten about the basic resources of Bengal economy in spite of claiming to have only educated people in her ministry. Narkeldanga’s literacy rate which is 34,500 approximately, chose not to speak up in fear of power despite of having this conscious idea, as per source. The painted democracy and stubborn blindness of the West Bengal government could stop neither the chaos of the market nor spreading the virus relentlessly.

Source – The Eastern Link

The market area has no police kiosks and traffic guards as well while during this time, it is needed to have more administrative work in such locality of Kolkata. The Eastern Link reached and had conversation with the people who come for some purpose in the market. Some firmly said, “ Police ne kuchh nehi bola ji, wo to khud mask ki bina ghum raha hai! ( Police did not say anything, he himself is moving around without mask!)”. The question is not only based upon wearing a mask or not wearing one. The question is upon the naked system of this government and their negligence about the roots of widespread dictatorship of Corona Virus. As per source, policemen are breathing beyond the mask and sensing freedom in such a way what is affecting the minds (what made the workers to comment as such) of these illiterate underprivileged workers regarding taking precautions for COVID-19, who visit Kolkata from other states like Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Assam almost every week. Mamata Banerjee’s government had appeared with the excuses of awareness campaigns for COVID- 19 rapidly (which is bound within posh areas of Kolkata). But if the problem lies within the root, which is education of citizens (includes the Administration) then no government can ever solve any problem as they do not want to try, ever! However, residential area of this part of Narkeldanga is mostly slum area irrespective of any religion. The people who stay over there are tremendously neglected, as Bengal’s ‘Didi’ is concerned about posh residential part of Kolkata only.

Source – The Eastern Link

Negligence of the poor people’s health in Bengal has been dominating the inability of the government in controlling COVID-19 cases since it arrived. Also, the streets of  Narkel Danga  are horribly damaged to walk on even, what need a massive construction as soon as possible but Kolkata Municiple Corporation seems to be too reluctant to pay attention at all. Despite this fact, huge gatherings  everyday, no more social distancing, nothing could be managed anyway because no trace of police or their vans are ever there, As per the source. Only many promises of Bengal’s ‘didi’ are left, so as the questions. Why Belgachhia, Narkeldanga, Park Circus, Kolutola still looks so different than any other area of Kolkata even while the entire city is/was under lock down? What politics and power-structure are still determining the base of this society while the system has been proven, after COVID-19, to be too ‘dark’ and ‘broken’ to be solved? Is it the old ‘buttering tendency’ of West Bengal government to receive attention and votes of Muslim community as BJP says, or didi’s concerned love for Hindu people, only whose health matters to the government based on NRC?

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