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NATO Leaders Focus On China’s Military Goals


China’s rising military ambitions present challenges that must be addressed, NATO said on Monday, the first time it has portrayed the country’s armed forces in such a potentially confrontational way.
While the communiqué described Russia as a “threat” to NATO, using tough language that was not necessarily a surprise, it was the description of China that attracted unusual attention.
China is not directly called a threat, but NATO states that “China’s growing influence and international policies can present challenges that we need to address together as an alliance.” 
The leaders cited Beijing’s expanding nuclear arsenal and more sophisticated delivery systems as well as its expanding navy and its military cooperation with Russia.
While focus on China grows, many nations still see Russia as the main concern. “Russia’s aggressive actions constitute a threat to Euro-Atlantic security,” NATO’s communiqué states.
 Leaders signed off on plans to spend next year updating the organization’s strategic concept — the group’s statement of values and objectives —taking into account challenges from cyberwarfare, artificial intelligence, disinformation, and new missile and warhead technologies.

Courtesy – NYT

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