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‘Corona Counter’ developed by DeepGenix Labs to fight Covid


Pune – based DeepGenix Labs says it has developed a predictive tool that can be used effectively in the all-out war against the disease.
‘Corona Counter’, the Predictive Tool developed by the Company, studies the behaviour of disease spread, DeepGenix Co founder Tarun Dutta told Easternlink.
Based on algorithms, ‘Corona Counter’ predicts the number of cases likely to be reported state wise in a week; in most cases, the accuracy is as high as 94-97% 
The Company believes such forecasts can be useful to Government and Administration to counter the spread and channelize their resources for more effective outcomes .
Dutta says the Company is working to make its model more robust by adding data from credible Govt sites to further improve accuracy of the predictions

Tarun Dutta Deepgenixlab

Q : What is the DeepGenix Model?
Dutta: The Data Scientists at DeepGenix Labs have developed a model to forecast the number of COVID-19 cases in India. It uses AI-based algorithms and predictive tools. DeepGenix’s forecast covers State-wise numbers for a day, and day-wise for the next nine days ahead.

Q: How accurate is the forecast?
Dutta : Very high. In most States, DeepGenix’s predictions are as accurate as 94-99%. Our teams are working day in and day out to make the predictions as accurate as they can be. Like any Mathematical Model, the forecast is dependent on a number of factors such. These include historical data, integration of data from as many credible sources. 
“However, we must also acknowledge that an unforeseen event or development that is against the tenet of measures to stop disease-spread can cause ‘spike’ in numbers,” Dutta said

Q: Why DeepGenix Corona Counter?
Dutta: It’s like ‘forewarned is forearmed’. The Number of cases predicted has a direct correlation with preparedness from the number of beds needed to support staff to PPEs, and everything else. 

Q : How can one access the predictions?
Dutta: One can view the reports here —

Q: What are your expectations from the Government?
DUTTA: It is not about expectations. In this crucial time, it is our way to extend our support and expertise in the efforts to fight the menace of COVID-19. Our expert teams of Data Scientists, doctor, Programmers, and Analysts have developed this tool, with a fair degree of accuracy of predictions. We want to be a force-multiplier and work closely with the Centre and State governments and Administration in our collective fight against COVID-19.
Q, What is DeepGenix Labs?
Dutta: DeepGenix Labs Pvt Ltd is a  HealthTech company. DeepGenix believes people should be educated about health and wellness. Access to information about the ailment is the first step in this journey. DeepGenix is based on the fundamentals of physiology, pathology, and intra-cellular — the branch of biology that studies genes and genetic variations in organisms. We have invested years of research to develop DeepGenix, which combines “deep phenotyping” which is understanding the medical essence of a person and deep learning which is a form of artificial intelligence. We like to think of DeepGenix as an empathetic tool that will lead the user to a better understanding of what he or she is experiencing irrespective of the nature or intensity of the symptoms. The tool will ask the user a set of questions related to the symptoms and then predict an ailment based on the analysis.

Q: What is DeepGenix mobile App?
Dutta: The DeepGenix mobile application predicts the disease based on symptoms provided by the patient. It has knowledge-based intelligence, which it has made in years of research. The user has to check the correct symptoms to get higher accuracy. We also declare the level of accuracy in the application. The result is available in multiple languages. This is advised to the patients to provide lifestyle-related data such as smoke, and alcohol in order to reach more accuracy.

Q: Something more about DeepGenix App? 
Dutta: DeepGenix is not an alternative to medical expertise and we sincerely advise all our users to consult qualified doctors before arriving at any conclusions or undergoing tests suggested by our tool. As an educational tool, DeepGenix offers information on preventive actions such as changes in eating habits or lifestyle. We recommend the users to provide lifestyle data for accurate predictive information. Presently DeepGenix provides information on the categories like Liver, Pancreas, Intestines, Lungs, Heart, Kidney, Throat, Nose, Ears, Bones, Blood, Bacterial attack, Viral attack, Vitamins & Minerals deficiency, skin etc. We are also working on recommending specialist doctors to users so that they know the next step in getting healthy and fit.

Q: Does DeepGenix App cover Covid-19?
Dutta: Yes. We have recently added COVID-19 symptoms to the list of categories already listed above.

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