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No pollution certificate at petrol pumps may lead to Rs 10,000 challan in Delhi



If you are going to refuel the vehicle in the capital Delhi, you must check your vehicle’s Pollution Certificate (PUCC) before leaving the house or you may have to pay a heavy price for it, quite literally. To keep the increasing pollution in check, the Delhi government has now ordered to deploy a checking team on petrol pumps as well. In such a situation, if you do not keep the PUC certificate with you, you may have to pay a challan of Rs 10,000.

Delhi Transport Department Deputy Commissioner Anuj Bharti informed that the department has started a special campaign to make people aware of the PUC certificate. Under this, teams of Delhi Transport Department will be deployed on petrol pumps, who will check the pollution certificate of the vehicles who come there to fill fuel. Those who do not have this certificate will be fined up to Rs 10,000.

The Deputy Commissioner said that till October 14, 17,71,380 vehicles are plying on the road without a pollution certificate in Delhi. To control these, 500 teams have been deployed by the department at petrol pumps in Delhi. He said that the vehicles whose pollution certificate is not available will get 24 hours to get it generated. After this, the registration number of those vehicles will be verified online. E-challan will be sent to the homes of vehicles whose pollution certificate is not generated.

He added that this campaign will last for a month. During this, there will be equal emphasis on both awareness and strictness among the people. The campaign will be monitored both online and offline. Action will be taken against the drivers who violate the rules.

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