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Much confusion has been created over the use of a picture showing PM Hasina and PM Imran shaking hands. The mistake is unintentional because when stories are cleared by our Editorial Director Subir Bhaumik, the technical team is usually asked to find matching pictures from the Net for use. This picture was circulating on the Net much before we used it. We are not trying to cover our mistake but the Delhi-based technical team of Easternlink had little idea of Bangladesh. When Mr Bhaumik asked about the picture, we insisted it was circulating on the Net and rightly so. Now that it is proved to be morphed , we sincerely apologise for this lapse. But those are scumbags who are seeking to spin a yarn to allege it was our effort to discredit the BD PM.That is an outrageous lie. And the whole argument that attacking a looter scumbag abd Pak agent is tantamount to disrupting India-Bangladesh relations is plain rubbish.. Easternlink does not support, promote or endorse any such idea and we leave it to our readers to judge.
Team EasternLink

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