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Outgunned And Outnumbered, Indian Army Relies On Brave Hearts To Stop Chinese


As the tensions between Chinese PLA troops and Indian Army soldiers mount in the Galwan Valley along the contentious India-China border, Beijing has deployed six times more troops on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) according to various Indian media outlets quoting their sources.

Zee News in its reports claims that China has not only rapidly increased the number of soldiers along the LAC but has also stationed ground-to-air HQ 16 and HQ 9 missiles at the contentious India-China border. The HQ 16 missile has a range of 40 km while HQ 9 can hit targets up to 200 km.

In its comprehensive prime time report, Zee news states that China has also stationed heavy artillery,  missiles and anti-aircraft guns in the Depsang area near the LAC not very far from picturesque Pangong Lake.

Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported, China deployed more than 20,000 troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh. The latest development even though India is closely watching the movements of 10,000-12,000 Chinese PLA soldiers deployed in Xinjiang with high mobility vehicles and weaponry with the capability to reach the contentious border faster than Indian counterparts.

Chinese soldiers have built scores of trenches, prefabricated huts, bunkers and fortifications after seizing the ‘Finger-4 to 8’ area on the north bank of Pangong Lake in an extensive build-up since early-May. They have also captured of the nearby heights and ridgeline to dominate the area, according to Times of India.

The Chinese PLA soldiers, which has also boosted its positions on the south bank of the lake, wants Indian troops to retreat to the Finger-2 area. Ever since the deadly India-China border, Chinese soldiers have effectively blocked all Indian patrols from the Finger-4 to 8 area.

“It clearly shows the Chinese PLA  troops have no intention of leaving the area any time soon. We, too, have counter-mobilised with additional Army and ITBP troops in the area since May for any eventuality. We want restoration of status quo ante, with the PLA pulling back to its original position,” TOI quoted an Indian official.

Meanwhile, there are reports of slight reduction of soldiers at the four friction zones on the LAC but there is no let-up in concentration and mobilisation of forces by India and China.

Courtesy – eurasiantimes

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