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Palika Bazaar In US Notorious Markets List For Pirated Products


32 GB Pen drive for ₹150, Ray Ban Sunglasses for ₹100 and there are many such luring offers you will find in Delhi’s Palika Baazar, which is famous for its pirated and fake products.

So the market making it to the list of US’s 2020 Review of Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy is no surprise. But what comes as a surprise is Snapdeal finding its name on the list too.

The US recently released a list of places that sell pirated products and as many as five Indian names have emerged on the same. Snapdeal, which doesn’t own much market share when it comes to online shopping, has also found its name on the list. Besides Snapdeal, four physical markets on the list include:

US, for the first time, took into consideration the role of internet platforms in facilitating the imports of pirated products into the United States.

“Today, the greatest risk of importation of counterfeit and pirated goods, harming both US content creators and US consumers, is posed not by foreign flea markets and dark web sites but by inadequate policies and inadequate action by e-commerce companies that market and sell foreign products to American consumers,” Lighthizer said.

“Combatting piracy and counterfeits will require sustained effort by both the federal government and by companies that profit from the sale of such goods,” the official said.

The USTR further adds that the share of fraud products on Snapdeal has increased significantly over the last few years.

“According to a November 2018 survey, 37 per cent of purchasers reported that they had received a counterfeit product from Snapdeal. In July 2019, Snapdeal’s founders were accused of criminal conduct in India for selling counterfeit products there. Right holders have also sued Snapdeal for selling counterfeit goods,” it said.

When it comes to what these markets deal in, the Heera Panna market in Mumbai is said to sell counterfeit watches, footwear, accessories, and cosmetics. These products are cheap but also harmful to the skin.

Kidderpore in Kolkata reportedly sells counterfeit consumer electronics, apparel, cosmetics, etc and Palika Bazaar, is an underground market in Delhi that is a hotspot for youth looking for trending products.

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