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Paytm Removed From Google Playstore


Paytm app has been removed from Google Play store.  
PPaytm app, which has millions of active users who use it for cashless transactions, was “removed for violating Play Store’s policy on sport betting activities”, Google told PTI. 
With over 400 million users, Paytm is among the largest financial apps in the world. 
Paytm will not be available for download now but there will be no impact on existing users of the app. 

There have been many privacy concerns regarding Paytm, which led to major user migration to Google Pay. 
Paytm mentioned in a public tweet that user money will be safe, and the app’s functionality will not be affected. 
Now, the question arises, is it a move by Google to induce a tech war with Paytm over dominance in the fintech payments industry. 
Google Pay has grown quite a lot in the sector and might be dominating in the future.

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