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PM Modi launches Indian Space Association



Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Indian Space Association (ISpA) today, on Monday, and said that the world is moving away from the Information Technology age to the Space age and India cannot be left behind. 

PM Modi, while virtually addressing the launch of ISpA, said, “This is the time of exponential innovation, which can only be achieved when Govt doesn’t play the role of handler but enabler. Today Govt is sharing its expertise & providing launch pads for the private sector. Today, the facility of ISRO is being opened for the private sector.”

Here are the top 5 quotes of PM Modi from his address during the launch of ISpA:

– India is seeing reforms on such a wide scale because its vision is clear about having ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’

– Women’s participation in the space sector should be encouraged, PM Modi said, referring to the photo of ISRO’s women engineers, who celebrated the success of India’s Mars mission and said that we can never forget that picture.

– The space sector needs an open platform approach, PM Modi said, adding that startups and private enterprises need to find new avenues in the Space sector, he stresses. 

– The space technology can play an important role in the welfare of the nation, the PM said. He added that India has end-to-end space technology from launch vehicles to satellites, etc.

– In-Space will help boost the private space sector, which for India will mean better forecast for farmers, for fishermen, a better watch of our ecology, and better forecasting of natural disasters, PM Modi said.

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