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Re inventing Education: Possible Due To Covid 19


Re- think and Re imagine education now as there cannot be a better opportunity to do things differently. It can be boldly said that only the school is closed, nothing else is and education has never stopped.

Due to the pandemic and the social distancing all the schools and colleges across the world have been compelled to suddenly harness and utilise the available technological tools to create content for remote learning. Covid 19 has re invented education. Therefore education across the world is experiencing new possibilities to do things differently and with greater flexibility resulting in potential benefits in accessibility to education for children globally through arrears that has been known to many but generally left unexplored. And remarkably everyone has adapted very swiftly and shifted to virtual classes. This has definitely brought in development in the quality of education. The physical presence and their every day stories are missed by the school for sure however, children are greatly in touch with each teacher through these classes

How well it is taken by the stakeholders can be a question though. My statement for this would be that everyone in the education sector has adapted to this switch over very swiftly and shifted to virtual classes very smoothly. This shift has made teachers more efficient and students more disciplined and independent learners, they became resilient and flip learning became possible.

The education sector has immediately taken a marathon turn which no other sector did and this was possible because of the zeal that teachers have and the commitment that they have towards the future generation. The holistic approach had to redesign the curriculum to reach out to the learners through technology.

Children are definitely missing the peer learning and sharing, they miss the social mixing and their sports in the field at schools. Yet teachers are trying to give them the maximum through these virtual classes. Generation Z as the present generation is called, is born with technology and due to Covid 19 they are exploring this even  more. Present mode of teaching is allowing young learners to frequently use technology for scanning their assignments, work on various properties of downloading and give individual touches to diagrams to complete their lessons, which was never appreciated before the Covid lockdown. Due to the pandemic and the social distancing, and closure of schools and colleges all have been compelled to harness the available technological tools to create content for remote learning. Teachers are facilitating to channelize all learners to the right direction.

Therefore it needs to be emphasised that teachers are the essential back bone of any education system. Their overall wellbeing is therefore essential to maintain a healthy ecosystem for the future of the country. India’s demographic dividend is dependent on our education system providing quality education to our children. Closing of school not only affected the students, teachers and parents but also has far reaching economic and social consequences. Virtual classes in all schools and colleges made it all possible to keep students engaged with their lessons and other life skill classes.

Therefore education sector needs to be given priority as the development of the country is directly linked with education of the young generation. Lots need to be done. All these may not be possible in institutions where technology is a challenge. We need to reach out to all those arrears where technology has not been able to assist all learners.

Post Covid 19 technology should be mixed with real time classes to allow students to explore with all global development and experiential learning.  It is necessary to teach the young learners the importance of mental hygiene and psychological development, the importance of not only having a vision in life but also to find the path to reach their goal. With all the bitter part of the pandemic, the education sector has truly seen dimensional development in teaching methodology on a global platform.

( Dr. Suchitra Bhattacharya is principal of Manav Rachna International School in Delhi NCR ) 

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