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Russia Worried Over Ladakh Stand-Off


Russia is worried over the stand-off in Ladakh between the Indian Army and Chinese PLA.
Russian Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) in Delhi Roman Babushkin told a TV channel, “Of course, we are worried with the current situation at the Line of Actual Control (LAC). “
But Babushkin believed tge two countries can resolve it through “dedicated specific mechanisms developed by both countries (India and China) including hotlines and special representatives’ dialogue and even informal summits.”
“We are confident that the India and Chinese friends are duly equipped to find a way out for mutual satisfaction. We would encourage every endeavour in this regard”.
Russia , and before that the Soviet Union , has been a long-time friend of India and its key defence supplier for several decades .
It backed India strongly during the 1971 Bangladesh liberation War against the US and China who were backing Pakistan.

In recent years , Russia  has been somewhat miffed over India’s growing strategic proximity to the United States, which has tried to throw spanner in India’s import of Russian military equipment like tge S-400 . 
However, India has efforted to maintain strong ties with Russia.
Russia is also a permanent member of the UN Security Council along with China and also has close ties with Beijing.   Its veto has helped India on many occassions like tge contentious Kashmir issue.

India has asserted its resolve on the borders to ensure its security and national sovereignty but remained in close touch with China , using both diplomatic and military channels to peacefully resolve the border issue.
This comes after  two separate incidents in May in the Sikkim and Ladakh sectors when Indian and Chinese soldiers were engaged in brawls , punching and swinging sticks and iron rods , leaving many injured. 
he incident in north Sikkim had taken place on May 9 while that in eastern Ladakh had taken place on the intervening night of May 5-6. In both incidents, aggressive Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) patrols were stopped by Indian troops inside Indian territory that China claims as its own.

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