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Scientists researching link between COVID-19 and new allergies, in wake of reactions to hair dyes


Different types of post-COVID-19 syndromes in recovered patients have now become common. One such is having new allergic reactions like rashes and burns to hair dye after contracting coronavirus. Many hairdressers in the United Kingdom have reported their clients getting allergic reactions. 

Last year too similar cases came into the forefront. Patients who suffered from prolonged COVID-19 believe an increase in allergies after overcoming the virus may be another symptom. Although there is no concrete scientific evidence yet to back this theory.

Research shows in around 15% of people battling any serious infection, the immune system remains ‘over-simulated’ after the virus is no longer a threat. Looking at the increasing number of such cases, scientists at Imperial College London are now researching how COVID-19 could be reprogramming our immune system, just the way it does to other illnesses.

The new development has made the hairdressers and beauticians in the UK more alert and their governing body is warning professionals to carry out additional patch tests to avoid facing legal action. The National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF) has urged salon owners to adhere to safety guidelines, saying there can be a ‘heightened reaction’ to the chemicals in hair colour after a serious illness.

Last year, a hair colour specialist in the UK shared her experience online of having to call an ambulance to her salon after a regular client suffered a more serious reaction. However, she was quick to react and she immediately removed the hair colour and gave the client antihistamine. This saved the situation.

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