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Sonu Sood Shames The Nation’s Rich


(The country is proud of a giver like Sonu Sood. His coming to the aid of the poor should shame politicians who just live to add to the coffers of the rich and then get a big cut for political donations — and also the rich who promise Covid hospitals and don’t deliver.  Sood is a rare Indian not in the blind pursuit of Laxmi but in distributing what he has for his poor countrymen, the footsoldiers of India’s growth. Easternlink salutes Sood much as it salutes out brave soldiers defending our borders and out poor farmers and workers without whom there will no strong India. Sood should shame the motormouths to shut up with their fake news and jumlas — just go out with what you have and help your poor)

Actor Sonu Sood has been doing it all for the migrant workers. From buses to food to launching a toll-free number he has done it all. What one would have expected from the government to have done smoothly is managed by this man and his team. Now, he has sent workers home by flight.

This time he has helped around 150 women migrant workers. As per reports from The News Minute over 150 women labourers from Odisha were stranded at a textile factory in Kerala’s Ernakulam district.  Since they resigned from jobs in the hope of going home they don’t have money in hand. Further with no Shramik trains immediately available they were left stranded.

Sonu arranged a chartered flight for them. The flight took off from Cochin International Airport in Ernakulam district for Bhubaneshwar in Odisha on Friday morning at 8 AM. Apart from the women workers, there were 9 other workers from the state on the flight. At a time when the government has left migrants with no option but to walk to their home this is really a massive effort by an individual.

Sonu Sood has been earning praises and blessings from the workers these days. A migrant worker who was helped by Sonu to go back home have named their newborn after the actor to express their gratitude.

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