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Stern Chinese Warning To Taiwan


Chinese Community Party newspaper said Chinese warplanes “must fly over the island of Taiwan” and warned that Taiwanese government retaliation “means war.”

An article by Hu Xijin, the combative editor-in-chief of Chinese state newspaper Global Times, came after yet another round of potential U.S. arms sales to Taiwan was announced by the Department of Defense.

Hu accused Taiwan’s ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of promoting anti-China sentiment through “de-sinicization,” working with Washington to “jeopardize the rise of the mainland.”

Hu cited the Chinese foreign ministry’s recent sanctions against American defense companies Lockheed Martin, Boeing Defense and Raytheon as proof of Beijing’s “countermeasures” as Taiwan’s weapons procurement escalates in quantity.

Under provisions of the Taiwan Relations Act, the U.S. government is to provide weapons of a defense nature to the island, which Beijing sees as a breakaway province.

The latest deal—worth an estimated $2.37 billion—means the Trump administration has approved a total of nine arms sales to Taiwan, including four in 2020.

Courtesy – newsweek

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