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Kerala leads covid battle

As the Corona virus outbreak has led to the imminent threat of widespread infections and bereavement, the world is facing a stand still, forcing itself to form new norms of ‘home quarantine’ and ‘work from home’ as the pandemic

India’s great lockdown gamble

India is on pause. The streets are empty, the skies vacant, railways silent. Nearly everything is shut. People have been asked to stay at home. Time stands still. But the eerie stillness of a 21-day lockdown of the world's second most

COVID-19: Man bleeds, Nature heals

Every cloud has a silver lining. Thousands of people across the globe started doubting this proverb as the death count due to COVID 19 kept on rising for the past few weeks. With no vaccines or possible cure on the horizon, mankind wears a

Indian antidote to Coronavirus untested 

India's traditional medicine directorate AYUSH has asked citizens to consume for three days a homeopathic drug Arsenicum Album 30 for three days on empty stomach and repeat the course after one month as an antidote to coronavirus spreading

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