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Gujarat fails in Covid fight

Data updated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on the evening of April 7 indicated that the fatality rate due to COVID-19 in Gujarat is the highest among all states and union territories of India. The total number

Kerala leads covid battle

As the Corona virus outbreak has led to the imminent threat of widespread infections and bereavement, the world is facing a stand still, forcing itself to form new norms of ‘home quarantine’ and ‘work from home’ as the pandemic

Corona Acid Test for India

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared on television to address the nation on the coronavirus crisis on Mar. 19, Indians braced themselves for some grim news. Initially, all he asked for was a day of voluntary curfew that

Dont communalise Corona : BJP chief Nadda

BJP President J P Nadda is learnt to have urged his party leaders to refrain from giving any “communal colour” or create any “division or differences” over the Covid-19 outbreak. This comes after more than 400 positive cases and 15

Is Modi loosing the Covid battle

In the past ten days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the nation an unprecedented four times, all about how his administration is responding to the coronavirus pandemic. In each of these addresses, the public at large has been

India’s great Long March

This is another government -inflicted misery for tens of thousands of India's poor migrant workers . Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has now forced these hapless millions to walk back home from their workplaces which are

India’s great lockdown gamble

India is on pause. The streets are empty, the skies vacant, railways silent. Nearly everything is shut. People have been asked to stay at home. Time stands still. But the eerie stillness of a 21-day lockdown of the world's second most

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