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Chinese Think-Tank Funding Not Unusual

Time was when accepting donations from Chinese institutions was as proper and acceptable as sharing space on a swing. Yet, the BJP, in its haste to divert attention from the Galwan blunder, has forgotten the adage that when you point a

Galwan Adventure To ‘Cost’ China A Lot :Experts

China will have to pay a “heavy price” for decades for resorting to aggressive military behaviour towards India in eastern Ladakh as it will isolate the country globally, strategic affairs experts said on Saturday. They said the

Galwan Episode Revisited

Galwan in Kashmiri dialects means “ Strong Man” or a PEHALWAN (Wrestler). The river emanates at AKSAI Chin and flows East to west for 80 KMs through gorges of high mountains upto 17000 feet. It joins Shyok River in the Shyok Valley . The

Hit China Where It Hurts Most

What does China want? This question is now ubiquitous after China’s reprehensible misadventure with the Indian army near the Galwan River. Just when the concerns between the two armies were supposed to deescalate, China’s dastardly act

China’s Strategic Assessment Of The Ladakh Clash

In early May, Chinese and Indian troops confronted each other along their remote, disputed border in the Himalayas. For 40 days, the two sides engaged in a tense standoff, but a fragile peace held. On June 15, all that changed. Fighting

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