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Chinese Envoy’s Remarks Upsets India

The onus for resolving the border standoff in the Ladakh sector of the Line of Actual Control is “not on China”, the Chinese envoy has said, even as he accused Indian troops of crossing the disputed border and triggering a violent clash on

What About India’s Gorkha Regiments?

The Gorkhas have participated in nearly every campaign of the Indian Army since Independence and their valour is ingrained in the hearts and minds of the people of the country. The recruitment of the Nepalese Gorkhas into the Indian

Security-Wise : Modi’s China Policy Stupid

The Modi government’s approach to tackling an obstreperous China, like that adopted in the Vajpayee interregnum and by the Manmohan Singh regime, is frighteningly stupid. If both the PM and his cohort and the Army brass in Leh and at HQrs

End Of English In India ?

India will for the first time since independence stop offering primary schools where the main language for teaching is English, the government announced, part of the first major overhaul of national education policy in the country for 34

India, Bangladesh Relations Fine

Certainly, the process of creating a national register of citizens (NRC) in Assam and last year’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) have made things more complicated, says India’s former foreign secretary Dr Muchkund Dubey "Rock solid."

India Outplayed By Imran’s Hasina Swing

BY A STAFF REPORTER: Her father fought for the liberation of Bangladesh. Pakistani soldiers raped and killed thousands of Bangladeshis, brutally murdered Mukti Joddhas, those fighting for Bangladesh’s independence from

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