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What About India’s Gorkha Regiments?

The Gorkhas have participated in nearly every campaign of the Indian Army since Independence and their valour is ingrained in the hearts and minds of the people of the country. The recruitment of the Nepalese Gorkhas into the Indian

China Claims Complete Disengagement In Ladakh

The frontline troops of China and India have "completed" disengagement at most locations of their border, a senior Chinese official said on Tuesday, adding the situation on the ground is easing. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Wang

Ladakh Pullout Soon

In a clear sign, both of distrust as well as logistical problems caused by melting snow swelling the Galwan river, the Indian Army will shortly pull back the last of its infantry fighting vehicles from near Patrol Point 14. It was here, 40

Chinese PLA Ups Tibetan Recruitment

The Chinese PLA , involved in bloody border brawls with the Indian Army, has substantially increased of ethnic Tibetans in its force.A confidential report on such recruitments prepared by an Indian agency monitoring China and now available

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